Full Circle is on Saturday 7 June midday to midnight. It is at a stunning location 4 miles outside Presteigne on top of a hill on the site of a 2000 year old iron age fort with breathtaking views.

In the meadow, surrounded by beech trees, there is a decorated tent with a stage and dance floor. The wonderful bands include many old friends: Moishes Bagel, The Destroyers, My Baby (Dutch), Lori Campbell, The Remi Harris Trio, Black Rapids and (of course) Little Rumba. There is also a small bar tent selling Skyborry Cider, local ales and good wines, where Your Dad, Company of Fools and Cloudier Skies will play.

Pomme Pomme, Tahira’s Catering and VT are providing a variety of delicious food stalls selling falafels in pitta bread, mutton curry, samosas and bhajis, lamb tagine and venison burgers. There will also be tea, coffee and juice, plus Max Fieldon’s fabulous Master Chai……

The outside arena is run by some of the villagers from The Village Hall. Loose Baker, first lady of entertainment and weirdness, is organising comedy games, Captain Lavender is hosting Giant Jenga and Giant Scrabble and Delightful Dan is knitting under an awning.

Please note: Full Circle is in a rural location. The ground is uneven and it will be dark at night : please bring torches or lantern : No dogs and children must be kept on a choke lead or have an electric shock collar fitted.


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